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With the goal of ensuring that all preschools in California offer high-quality programs, the California Department of... see more

Programs and Curriculum for Early Childhood Education Canvas Course - Developed by MiraCosta College as part of a CCC... see more

Introduction to Curriculum in Early Childhood Canvas Course - Developed by MiraCosta College as part of a CCC grant.

Class 9 Assignment | Class 8 Assignment | Class 7 Assignment | Class 6 Assignment Subject Wise Assignment Answer... see more

This is a collection of thirteen digital resources that are designed for Pre-K students. There is a variety of topics... see more

This booklet is a practical and theoretical guide to how we plan to provide a broad, balanced, and rich nursery education... see more

The Sutton Trust has distributed a report that surveys the investigation into effective teaching, finding that well-known... see more

'The CSU Transitional Kindergarten Community is a an online meeting place for CSU faculty and educators across California... see more

Early Childhood Education Video Playlist by Mary Jane Biancheri.

This resource contains materials in the following areas: THE FARM ANIMALS WE RECORD OUR FIRST CD MY NAME AND THAT OF MY... see more

Gone are the days when teaching was confined between books, blackboard, chalk, and duster. Interactions were minimal... see more

es un objeto virtual de aprendizaje El cual sirve para potenciar y reforzar el esquema de niños en edades de 3-5 años con... see more

This guide is intended primarily for use by those who care for and feed infants under 12 months of age and participate in... see more

The most significant test that you may look at as a teacher is pulling in and keeping up your understudies'... see more

This book explores topics like role and responsibilities of a teacher, multicultural education, educational law, etc.

Education, despite being a serious business, need to be imparted through fun classroom activities, especially for primary... see more

Virtual Geoboard: Practice: Calculate area contained inside the rubber band (only in square mesh). Verify Pick's Theorem:... see more

CITA DIRECTA Refiriéndose a como ha notado cambios en la lectura que practica, Nicholas carr señala: Antes de que sea... see more

The target audience for this module is the child care community. This module is simple to use, and the subject can be... see more

Slides presentation about Incubadora de proyectos. Incubadora de proyectos

An innovative teaching strategy would mean passing on a piece of similar information through new thoughts and methods. It... see more

4 New innovative teaching strategies To WOW Your Students. Here's a fast beginning to utilizing the Desire Method. As you... see more

This innovative teaching strategy puts greater duty on the understudy, with less immediate guidance from the instructor... see more