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"This economic manifesto by Ron Paul collects his greatest speeches and debates over the last 30 years, and provides... see more

Who are the dominant owners of US public debt? Is it widely held, or concentrated in the hands of a few? Does ownership... see more

In this class, food serves as both the subject and the object of historical analysis. As a subject, food has been... see more

Accountability, good government, and public trust are intricately linked. Supreme Audit Institutions fulfill an... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is presented as a wiki. One can read the book and then also read blogs, comments,... see more

In this course we examine the relationship between public policy and urban design through readings, discussions,... see more

In analyzing fiscal issues, conventional public finance approaches focus mainly on taxation and public spending.... see more

This course surveys research which incorporates psychological evidence into economics. Topics include: prospect theory,... see more

This course examines the role of the public sector in the economy. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding... see more

This course explores the proper role of government in the regulation of the environment. It will help students develop... see more