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This is a faculy showcase for a Marketing course. The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase... see more

This online report examines the relationship between the media and teenagers in the USA. Themes such as the dominance of... see more

This article (11 March 2002) is by a freelance writer called Mickey Butts. Although on a humorous theme ? impulsive... see more

Background to the student activity Pringles is a snack brand owned by Kellogg’s, and is sold in over 140 countries. Most... see more

This site was developed to provide consumer protection from health claims and related fraud. Consumers are able to... see more

This presentation results from a group of travel experts who are now marketing to a younger audience than in the past.

This free 6 week massive open online course (MOOC) from UNSW Australia begins a new session every month. Enrol any time.... see more

In this activity, students look at a simple output from a market share spreadsheet and attempt to interpret the results... see more

This site was designed to support a Consumer Behavior course. The material is in essay format, but can be used as a... see more

An in-class exercise for marketing students to develop a better understanding of a market segment through constructing a... see more

Paper on the Virtual Customer by John Hauser.

Two formulas and a scenario for students to apply two retail gravitation models used to predict where shoppers will... see more

Marketplace, a daily economics news program heard on National Public Radio, featured a story on January 8, 2002, titled... see more

This is an activity which demonstrated hemispherical lateralization.

Published by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), this report considers the retirement expectations of the... see more

This is a PowerPoint presentation regarding consumer segmentation. It provides definitions of segmentation, indicates... see more

Managing in-location experiences has never been more stressful. Those who must attract and retain customers to sustain... see more

Don Tapscott (CEO of the Tapscott Group) speaks about a new generation of digital consumers work, play and collaborate in... see more

Alison offers 400 free interactive, multimedia, online courses to help you explore and discover new learning... see more

This is a brief case study about how Butlins, a party planning outfit in the U.K. Butlines is considering diversifying... see more

This report is a study on older Americans conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Written in 2003,... see more

A brand identity has three components – name, logo and slogan. Logos contribute to brand building efforts, strengthen the... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'If you are ready to start a new business or launch a new product, you need... see more

This site contains three articles from 2004 that have been written concerning children as consumers. They are... see more