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This course will introduce the student to the art and architecture of Africa from a Western art historical perspective.... see more

Digitized resources that support the field of African Studies.

This interactive story follows the life of a family trying to survive a brutal war in West Africa. The war took place in... see more

This class is an interdisciplinary survey that explores the experiences of people of African descent through the... see more

According to The Orange Grove, "Until now, researchers on Islam in Africa have paid little attention to the continent’s... see more

This site is design to offer educational tours about the history and culture of two East African countries: Egypt and... see more

In a world where new technologies are being developed at a dizzying pace, how can we best approach oral genres that... see more

The birth of South Sudan in July 2011 was met with jubilation by its citizens. Amidst the celebrations, there was a... see more

אלברט שוייצר (1875-1965), זוכה פרס נובל לשלום, שהקדיש את חייו לריפוי חולים באפריקה.

אתר מלווה קורס בהיסטוריה של האימפריה העוסמנית במסגרת לימודי המזרח התיכון ואפריקה. אתר קורס כולל: (1) מאגר חומרי עזר... see more

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