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The latest French music with a mix of different popular genres. Music from French and Francophone artists, perfect to... see more

Website with activities for French learners at the beginning and intermediate levels that are intended to be used in... see more

Excellent site developed by Le Hall de la Chanson of the French Ministry of Culture & Communication. Provides information... see more

Short animated films of great pedagogical utility for French and francophone studies classes. Roch Carrier narrates the... see more

ClicNet is described as "un site culturel et litteraire francophone." It is a very comprehensive site for virtual... see more

This website is the companion to an "Introduction to French Studies" course offered by P. Michelucci at the University of... see more

Resource for teaching and learning expository and argumentative language and the technique of text analysis. Designed for... see more

Une base de données pour l'étude des formes et fonctions narratives du rêve.

On this site, users can hear the poet himself reciting his famous poems "Le Pont Mirabeau" and "Marie". There is also a... see more

Travel guide for France: landscapes, information, culture, monuments, architecture of cities and villages, gastronomy,... see more

ABU offers a rich collection (almost 300 texts in HTML format) of literary works and dictionaries from all periods.

This site is ideal for planning task-based French listening and speaking activities. It can be used for multimedia... see more

A collection of quizzes about French life and culture.

The Film and Culture Association offers an introduction to cinema and film analysis in French for elementary, secondary... see more

Games to help students of French learn about the country and its culture.

An Eiffel Tower webquest for advanced learners of French and French culture.

This website offers six tales by Maupassant accompanied by a search engine and examples of activities based on word... see more

A sophisticated site from a design standpoint, where users can test their knowledge in French and the Francophone world.... see more

In this collaborative longer activity, students will explore the cultural, culinary and geographic diversity of France by... see more

French poetry read aloud by native speakers with accompanying texts. May be organized by author, first line and... see more

A Francophonie quiz game that can be played by region, country or theme. More than 1000 questions, with scoring.... see more

A collection of original and well known French literary works from the 16th through 19th centuries.

History and description of early French pronunciation using songs from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period.

courses, dictionaries, grammar, information and history. Resources for general learning