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Collection of select online resources concerning "German as a foreign language" (including links and useful tips).

Freeware program for the managment of bibliographic data (card catalog, quotes, etc.)

An extensive site dealing with the analysis (and definition) of poetry. Although set up to accompany a course, it can be... see more

An illustrated handbook of reliable, up to date information on the Federal Republic of Germany, including information and... see more

VTrain is a flashcard-based tool used in 20+ universities. Its unique spaced learning system guarantees you will remember... see more

Reasons for why one might want to study German. Note that much information presented pertains to studying in the UK... see more

An extremely simple German/English dictionary that also provides synonyms. The input language is automatically recognized... see more

The "Wortschatz-Lexikon" offers access to millions of words and phrases, displaying words as used in context. This is a... see more

Tools (online) to create certain types of worksheets (puzzles, memory, wordsearch...). The site contains much more... see more

Information on the artists group Die Bruecke. Accompanies an exhibit at MOMA (NYC).

Several group projects revolving around the topic of the title (foreigners in Germany, the peaceful revolution, German... see more

The site contains learning objectives and comprehensive web resources for teaching about pre- and post-Wende Germany,... see more

A lesson plan to teach Heine's "Die Lorelei".

This collection of (mostly German) links lets teachers explore the fall of the Berlin Wall and the building up of "Die... see more

This is a quick reference for singular and plurual rules in German, as well as guidelines for determining the exceptions... see more

grammis attempts to make grammar more accessible and user-friendly. Included are information about grammar, a dictionary,... see more

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles, beginner to intermediate level

Offers various (fully finctional) shareware that can be used in a number of contexts (for example, a spelling/orthography... see more

Offers free worksheets covering various topics from the subjects "Language" and "Mathematics" (but also a few others).... see more

Many self-correcting online quizzes covering a wide range of topics from areas such as orthography, grammar, vocabulary.... see more

Offers worksheet on many topics in German, but also in a wide range of other typical school subjects (mathematics,... see more

Online encyclopedia covering several knowledge areas.

Extensive information concerning the reformed spelling.