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A variety of java applets for engineering education. Applets available in topic areas of: fluid dynamics, statics and... see more

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Imagenes con diferentes tipos de instrumentos de precisión

This course introduces the fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles that underlay modern continuous improvement approaches... see more

Excellent presentation of inviscid flow around airfoils and other shapes that includes graphical representations of... see more

MAE 10 (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering): Introduction to Engineering Computations. The main goal of the course is... see more

Застосування подібних електронних тренажерних комплексів у навчальному процесі дає змогу користувачам вивчити та... see more

JAVA applet to generate NACA 4-Digit Airfoils from user input.

This is an extensive and updated website from NASA that is essentially a "one-stop" for teacher rocketeers. The resources... see more

An excellent resource from NASA that seems to have everything a teacher needs in order to get involved with space-based... see more

This course is a detailed technical and historical exploration of the Apollo project to "fly humans to the moon and... see more

An interesting collection of readings on technology – mainly the development of aviation. Ranging from the construction... see more

Dynamics starts with fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics. Further topics include kinematics, particle dynamics, motion... see more

The course begins with the basics of compressible fluid dynamics, including governing equations, thermodynamic context... see more

The major focus of 16.13 is on boundary layers, and boundary layer theory subject to various flow assumptions, such as... see more

Applies solid mechanics to analysis of high-technology structures. Structural design considerations. Review of... see more

This course introduces analysis techniques for complex structures and the role of material properties in structural... see more

This course focuses on the design of control systems. Topics covered include: frequency domain and state space... see more

This course covers the fundamentals of control design and analysis using state-space methods. This includes both the... see more

The major themes of this course are estimation and control of dynamic systems. Preliminary topics begin with reviews of... see more

This course studies basic optimization and the principles of optimal control. It considers deterministic and stochastic... see more

This class includes a brief review of applied aerodynamics and modern approaches in aircraft stability and control.... see more

Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems discusses elements of the interactions between humans and machines. These... see more

This course introduces students to a quantitative approach to studying the problems of physiological adaptation in... see more

In 16.540 we address fluid dynamic phenomena of interest in internal flow situations. The emphasis tends to be on... see more