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ככל שיהיו התרופות החדישות יעילות במניעה, בטיפול ובריפוי מחלות, הן נבחנות כל העת במדדי פיקוח ובקרה קפדניים, שכן תרופות... see more

לטיפול בתרופות יש גישות שונות הנובעות מתפיסת עולם, חינוך ורקע תרבותי-אתני. המאמר עוסק באחדות מן הגישות הללו. מהי... see more

Evidence-based medicine training and evaluation system for Romanian physicians.

This textbook has been designed to be an introductory training to the entry-level position, Physical Therapy Aide. As... see more

ChemRxiv (pronounced "chem archive") is a free online submission, distribution, and archival service for unpublished... see more

medRxiv (pronounced "med-archive") is a free online archive and distribution server for complete but unpublished... see more

OccupationalDegree is all about guide students and other professions about OT programs and schools admission. Looking for... see more represents an excellent example of a "Global Open Access Initiative" working towards greater transparency... see more

Looking for Frames of references of occupational therapy, here are some basic or standards frames been using by vaious... see more

This site contains links to a variety of materials on Radiation Therapy. These include: Bone Marrow Depression From... see more

This textbook for the Integration for Practice: Neuromuscular course is a multimedia PDF with videos embedded. The videos... see more