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Graphical interactive display of two-body collisions in two-dimensions. Lecture notes and source code (at... see more

Shockwave simulation of basic two-dimensional collisions.

Newton's law of motion look the same to all observers in inertial frames of reference. It is equally true that if... see more

An applet that simulates the familar demonstration device.

This applet simulates collsions in one dimension. To run a simulation select one of the scenarios in the drop down menu... see more

Partner Only Material

I found this on the web while I was brain storming unique ways to get the attention of my students. I sometime find it... see more

Applet demonstrates the firing of a bullet into a block in order to illustrate principles of conservation of energy and... see more

Applet for demonstrating conservation of energy. Extensive explanatory text included.

This Java applet deals with the extreme cases of a collision process illustrated by two wagons: For an elastic collision... see more

Middle school students use a roller coaster simulation to explore the concepts of potential and kinetic energy.

Select appliance, and see how much energy is consumed

This applet simulates the collision between two solid disks. Relative mass, impact parameter, coefficient of restitution,... see more

A simple demonstration of the effect the coefficient of restitution has on a ball colliding with a wall.

This simulation shows the elastic collision between two balls. Users can set masses and initial velocities and see,... see more

Applet simulates a collision between two masses, which are varied by the user. The user is tested on their understanding,... see more

An extensive text discussion of the basic principles of work and energy.

This applet provides a simulation of an oscillator damped by friction. The initial position and the coefficient of... see more

Tutorials and quizzes on energy and work.

Tutorials and quizzes covering momentum, the conservation of momentum, and impulse.

A complete online course offered by the University of Oregon's Distance Education Program. Includes exams, homework,... see more

Few classroom topics generate as much excitement as rockets. The scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical... see more

פרק מס' 10 מתוך האתר "מבינים פיזיקה" המבוסס על הספר Understanding Physics בהוצאת מאגנס והמכללה האקדמית להנדסה אורט... see more

This applet illustrates elastic collisions of two point masses. The masses are set equal to each other. You can view the... see more