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This tutorial illustrates the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion, and how they can be seen as lines of force.

Applet demonstrates the physics of paramagnetic materials. Extensive explanatory text included.

Two applets demonstrate how a cyclotron works by having charged particles move through a constant magnetic field.

Physlet problems that relate to magnetic fields.

After discovering electromagnetic induction, Faraday began to test a hypothesis on magnetic fields and energy currents,... see more

Similar to the Magnetic Field Lines tutorial, this applet is used to illustrate how the magnetic fields surrounding a... see more

This applet shows interactions between moving charges. It shows with a system of two wires why magnetic fields must exist... see more

A ferromagnetic material's hysteresis loop is simulated as a function of coercivity, saturation field, and remanence. The... see more

Pulsed magnets are among the strongest magnets in the world, and come in two forms: destructive and non-destructive. Of... see more