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A self-graded quiz on basic electromagnetim and optics from the second semester of an algebra-based introductory physics... see more

Web assignment using an applet by Wolfgang Christian for solving the Schroedinger equation numerically. User is asked a... see more

In this paper we describe our five-year effort to create interactive curricular material for upper-level quantum... see more

Illustration and explanation of quantized angular momentum

This applet displays the pictures and programming code for a square well, notch–shaped, and parabolic potentials. Also,... see more

A series of applets on basic quantum physics. Topics include stationary states, superposition of states, and NH3 and... see more

An applet that demonstrates the operation of an STM.

This applet demonstrates the formation mechanism for an emission spectrum and an absorption spectrum for Hydrogen,... see more

Spins is an interactive computer program that simulates Stern–Gerlach measurements on spin ½ and spin 1 particles.

A set of Java applets movies and course material to teach elementary quantum mechanics

Simulation and Tutorial, with downloadable executables, for discussing basic topics in quantum mechanics. Hungarian... see more

A presentation of the physics of quantum two-level systems, with spin-1/2 being used as the canonical example. Includes... see more

This site contains a collection of animations for the teaching of quantum mechanics concepts (see also Kohnle et al., Eur... see more

This quantum mechanics simulation shows the behavior of a single particle bound states in one dimension. It solves the... see more

This quantum mechanics simulation shows the interaction of classical electromagnetic radiation with a particle bound in... see more

This applet shows the results of a Kronig-Penney model of a crystal in 1D. Different periodic potentials are available... see more

The above animation shows the propagation of a gaussian wavepacket through a step or a barrier. The parameters are those... see more

This simulation shows states in a hard walled, circular quantum well in 2D. Linear combinations of energy eigenstates can... see more

The UVA Virtual Lab is a collection of more than fifty presentations on microelectronics, nanotechnology, and the science... see more

Physlet example problems for solutions to the finite and infinite square well quantum eigenstates. Gives numerical... see more

Javascript visualization of spherical harmonics in 3-D. Allows user to rotate plot with the mouse.

Site is a tutorial on quantum mechanics, with extensive discussion and many applets hyperlinked throughout. Extensive... see more

A set of four archival recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the physicist Richard Feynman. The... see more