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Postpartum depression (PPD) can cause severe depression after a woman gives birth. Learn about the effects of postpartum... see more

Opioids count for the highest drug overdose deaths. Addiction to opioids is not something to downplay. Learn all about... see more

New studies have found that autism specturm disorder (ASD) affects 2.2% of adult Americans. Click here to learn more... see more

This activity helps students understand how stereotypes affect one's self-perception and behavior. To begin, obtain the... see more

By understanding key psychological concepts, we can spot them at play in the world around us. The field of psychology... see more

You do not have to be affiliated with Stanford University to participate in Psychology research. The majority of our paid... see more

Timeline Software is a desktop program with an interactive, zooming time line to explore history topics. The time line... see more

Counselors and other helping professionals who are regularly exposed to others’ trauma almost invariably find themselves... see more

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance addiction, an important part of recovery is the perfect relapse... see more

Opiates: from prescription to street drugs, everything you need to know about opiates, opioids, and how to recover from... see more

Everybody deals with stress at some point in their life. Understanding stress is the first step to managing your... see more

In this lesson, we are going to look at a condition affecting many healthcare professionals. Information about the... see more

Vanessa reveals that our behaviour, from hand gestures to how we say 'hello', changes the way others perceive our... see more

In 2010 Marieke Poelmann, 22 at the time, suddenly lost her parents as a result of a plane crash. It took her several... see more

Everybody goes through losses, big and small - the loss of a job, the loss of a home, or even the loss of a loved one.... see more

This is a syllabus for the course "Settlement of International Disputes" designed for the Faculty of Law (LLM Public... see more

This is a syllabus for the Leadership Masterclasses designed for the Honours Master Programme, University of Groningen... see more

This is a syllabus for the course "The Age of Human Rights" (Capstone course – International Relations & International... see more

Se trata de una propuesta didáctica colaborativa para el aprendizaje/enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras. La temática es uno... see more

Check out! Professional Quality of Life: Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout,... see more

Intensive care unit (ICU) healthcare professionals work under a stressful environment which can lead to burnout syndrome.... see more