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This course examines the contemporary problem of political violence and the way that human rights have been conceived as... see more

This on line sourcebook provides comprehensive information concerning criminal justice system characteristics, public... see more

This site, sponsored by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, presents information on female criminal... see more

This PowerPoint presentation includes information about Hollywood depictions of capital punishment. Although movies such... see more

This textbook provides information about the principles and procedures involved in the justice system. The Point of View... see more

From June 2003: This factbook, developed under BJS grants, provides narrative descriptions of the criminal justice... see more

This site contains links to a variety of famous trials from the Trial of Socrates in 399 BC to Moussaoui in 2006. Each of... see more

This site contains comprehensive lecture notes for an Introductory Justice course.

The Network of Law and Justice Faculty is an affiliate of the Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education. The... see more

This site provides links to the home pages of many of the federal criminal justice agencies. Included are: Major... see more

This site contains lecture notes that are part of survey course of constitutional law emphasizing civil rights and... see more

This game is designed to question students about the Bill of Rights. Score is kept while students answer questions.

This site contains an excerpt from the FDA Laboratory Procedures Manula concerning the types of expert testimony.... see more

This site contains links to a number of articles that deal with false accusations.

This site is part of a course on evidence and concerns the Miranda Law. The lecture notes explain the Miranda Law and... see more

This site contains lecture notes that are part of survey course of constitutional law emphasizing civil rights and... see more

This is a game that students play online. As they make choices about what kind of characteristics they want in a... see more

Partner Only Material

This site provides information about the application of the death penalty in the United States.

The document is designed to help readers understand and appreciate the process needed to incorporate and implement... see more

Both convicted sex offenders and innocent citizens have experienced serious and negative consequences resulting from the... see more

The release each year of hundreds of thousands of people from prison to communities all across America has established... see more

Decolonization and Justice: An Introductory Overview emerged from the final assignment for undergraduate students in the... see more

'Decolonization and Justice: An Introductory Overview' emerged from the undergraduate students’ final assignment in... see more

Explaining Criminal Careers presents a simple quantitative theory of crime, conviction and reconviction, the assumptions... see more