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This article discusses the effects of human activities on the interaction of ground water and surface water. Produced by... see more

This description is of field measurements of soil erosion and runoff as written by the Food and Agriculture Organization... see more

Enter three arrival times in seconds to see where the epicenter occurred (triangulation).

This innovative technology is based on the fact that water can be collected from fogs under favorable climatic... see more

Presented by the United States Geological Survey, this website contains general facts and information pertaining to... see more

A NIOSH report regarding the geologic hazards U.S. underground coal miners continue to face from the continuing hazards... see more

Description of groundwater and the hydrologic cycle as related to the terrain in British Columbia, Canada. The site is a... see more

Guidelines for evaluating liquefaction hazards in Nevada and when to perform analysis. Contains information on screening... see more

The site, presented by, categorizes and lists a plethora of different rocks. They have divided them by their... see more

Contains wide range of information on geological topics, focusing on the state of Indiana. Includes visual dictionary,... see more

This site contains links to information about different industry projects throughout the world. Information provided... see more

This internet site, published by The Japan Landslide Society, focues on the current understanding of landslide origin,... see more

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension, presents this site which outlines the steps to take in order to make... see more

The National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), provides a series of data sets and slides related to natural disasters.... see more

This USGS web page provides information on the quantity and timing of the streamflow in the Nation's rivers is a vital... see more

This National Park Service, part of the Department of Interior website, looks at issues concerning water quality,... see more

This site addresses the concepts of diffusion, rate of diffusion, osmosis, osmotic pressure are explained on this site as... see more

This site, created by the Environmental Protection Agency, contains information from the on testing and protecting... see more

The United States Geological Survey's (USGS) real-time data on streamflow conditions from all over the United States. A... see more

This web site, by, gives a complete explanation with pictures and diagrams of septic systems and waste... see more

Dr. John Atkinson, of the University of the West of England, developed a site for undergraduate students wanting to learn... see more

This site describes cohesive forces and their role in surface tension as well as the relationship between them is... see more

This site includes the history, benefits and some costs and operation methods used in rainwater harvesting in Texas.... see more

USGS Water Management: The USGS provides maps, reports, and information to help others meet their needs to manage,... see more