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Created for the American Lung Association by AliveTek, Inc., this narrated animation introduces the concept of asthma... see more

The objective of this Polimedia is to provide the student with the theorical basis of cluster analysis applied to... see more

An avi file showing the spread of a fire that starts in a typical room.

This is a video covering roof fires and particularly the role of roof ventilators in roofs. It has some very fascinating... see more

This is a video animation of the Explosion of the BP refinery. This 5+ minute video just documents the facts as known... see more

Boilover explosion in Texas from a History Channel commentary. Hosted by Flashover TV

Trees used indoors for the holidays account for approximately 400 fires annually, resulting in 10 deaths, 80 injuries and... see more

"Safety video depicting how accumulations of combustible dust at worksites can provide the fuel for devastating... see more

Straw bales hve been increasingly used a construction material. That usage may increase due to superior insulating... see more

From the Fire Engineering YouTube Channel a training video for supplemental fire fighter skill training

En este objeto virtual de aprendizaje encontramos la introducción al proyecto de implementacion del sistema de gestion de... see more

Public Service Announcement (PSA) for use of smoke detectors.

US Chemical Safety Board video on static sparks and safety related to flammable liquids and static electricity

The Polimedia describes the use of the PHYLIP package to develop cluster analysis from molecular data. Concretely, an... see more