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This website aims to develop and implement a DIL curriculum in conjunction with university faculty to address these... see more

As a free and open source Open Science/Open Research development tool, the Open Science Framework (OSF) allows for the... see more

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 is one of the best, free open source productivity software suites available for word processing,... see more

Es un material para niños de los ultimos grados de primaria y el principio de la secundaría, enfocado para repapsar lo... see more

Con Este Objeto de Aprendizaje se pretende Que al Realizar las Distintas Actividades Que Contiene, se Logre identificar... see more

En Este Objeto de Aprendizaje se pretende proporcionar el acercamiento al Pensamiento y lenguaje variacional. Al... see more

The Author's Alliance and Creative Commons have created the "Termination of Transfer" (ToT) tool that helps authors... see more

Charts and graphs are effective tools to convey information in a simple and visual way. They're also a great way to track... see more

This website is a lesson plan to help teachers make computer science and engineering fun for students. By stating the... see more

Interactive lessons that cover multiple Grade 6 standards from the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools.

The Research Organization Registry (ROR) is a community-led project to develop an open, sustainable, usable, and unique... see more

Algebra and Geometry shape and graph maker. Multi-use. Description by developer: GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software... see more

This stand-alone instructional resource begins with reviewing trigonometric ratios and generates the unit circle and... see more

This pdf document is a Goal-Directed Instructional Design Plan for teaching a mathematics lesson on Using Measures of... see more

In 2012, Maxim Kamanin, a Russian inventor, developed the 3D Computer Monitor Displair based on observing the Northern... see more

Create stunning HTML5 flipbooks, interactive brochures, magazines & catalogs. Upload PDF or design online. The page... see more

This is great for technology based enrichment activities in math! Also is a wonderful graphing calculator

This is a Googlesheets spreadsheet program for calculating all the statistics that is included in an elementary... see more

Mozilla IoT's Project Things is an experimental framework/IoT digital platform of software and services for connecting... see more

Multipurpose Graphing Scientific Stats Calculator Graphing Calc can *graph implicit equations including hyperbolas,... see more

Stand Alone Instructional Resource for Algebra 1 on Solving Multi-Step Equations.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative (2002) supports worldwide Open Access to free, immediate, online access to the... see more

The calculator will help shoppers determine how much items cost and how much will be saved during a sale. This is a free... see more

Get online instructions for downloading and setting up SAS University Edition.