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This course takes a survey of the employment process and focuses on the most common issues that employers and potential... see more

This course focuses on the ERISA rules governing retirement accounts, welfare plans and other employee benefits. We will... see more

This course looks at the tapestry of rules that govern what information can be presented during criminal and civil... see more

This course looks at the complex regulatory framework under which the primary driver of the healthcare industry, which... see more

A doctor’s visit can be a stressful experience not only because it involves health issues, but also because it generates... see more

This course looks at the rules that govern many kinds of insurance and introduces you to the purposes that insurance... see more

This basic tort law class introduces viewers to the most common torts and the bases upon which personal injury laws in... see more

This course explores the responsibilities and remedies of landlords and tenants. This is an introductory-level course,... see more

This course looks at many issues relevant to the process of transitioning between jobs, including notice, termination,... see more

More than 4.7 million Americans work in the pharmaceutical industry and more than 16 million work in healthcare. This... see more

This area of law is one of the most lucrative and controversial areas of personal injury law practice. It’s the reason... see more

Most retired Americans are eligible for this government-subsidized health insurance program that is primarily for the... see more

This course focuses on myriads of legal issues that are implicated when firms combine or buy one another out. These... see more

In this course, we’ll go through the process of bringing an initial tentative agreement through the final stages of a... see more

This course discusses the purposes, formation procedures and governance rules of nonprofits. This is an intermediate... see more

This course focuses on the ownership, exploration and accessing of subterranean resources.

Explicación de los principios de seguridad, publicidad e irretroactividad de las normas y el principio iura novit curia

Product liability is a division of torts and personal injury law that is often the subject of class action lawsuits and... see more

In this course, we’ll look at federal and state laws that protect employees from discrimination, retaliation and other... see more

In this course, we’ll discuss the purchase and financing of real estate, due diligence in real estate transactions,... see more

This course covers the concepts, documents and regulations that are important to transactions wherein land is used to... see more

This fundamental criminal procedure course looks at the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and... see more

This course focused on loans secured by collateral in the form of movable property, the counterpart to mortgages, which... see more