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this is a very comprehensive site that contains significant material including links to both summaries and full text of... see more

This video gives a general overview in conducting Financial Statement Analysis.

This is part one of a two-part module. My goal was to develop a small general ledger system that would allow students to... see more

This series of 5 videos from cover the following job costing concepts: Clip 1 - Definitions of Job... see more

This course focuses on the identification, gathering, and interpretation of information for planning, controlling, and... see more

This is a free online course offered by the Saylor Foundation. 'In...Financial Accounting, we learned that firms need to... see more

These six videos coincide with Chapter 1 of the 8th edition of the Crosson and Needles Managerial Accounting textbook.... see more

A complete set of video and audio lectures for the managerial accounting class. They are available on Youtube and on... see more

This PowerPoint Connect4 game covers containing cost behavior, CVP, and relevant costs for short-term decision in... see more

This PowerPoint Family Feud game covers basic concepts on the CMA exam and information about the CMA exam in managerial... see more

This PowerPoint Jeopardy game covers cost behavior, CVP, and relevant costs for short-term decisions in managerial... see more

Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, explains what you need to know for the CPA Exam on the flow of a normal cost system.

This is a presentation offered by BookBoon. This video presentation is by Larry Walthers on the Nature of Optional... see more

Materials on Goldratt's Theory of Constraints including summaries of The Goal, What is this thing called the Theory of... see more

In this video I use the present value equation to discount a future payment in today's dollars.

The Accounting Education Change Commission has emphasized the need for students to be active participants in the learning... see more

Summaries of the concepts related to the CAM-I conceptual design.

This is a 7 minute lecture from, that covers accounts, debits, and credits. In order to access... see more

This 9.28 minute video is the first in a series of five presentations that coincide with Chapter 19 titled Job Costing... see more

This set of 20 flashcards was created by a student studying budgeting using the free website In addition to... see more

This 9:39 minute video is the first of several developed for Chapter 18: Cost, Volume, Profit, and Business Scalability... see more

This Camtasia presentation is the first of several developed to correspond to the Horngren (12e) Cost Accounting text... see more

This managerial accounting lesson is the first of three modules on cost volume profit analysis from see more