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The Graphical representation of eigenvectors simulation aims to help students make connections between graphical and... see more

This stand-alone instructional resource allows students to explore how to graph the equation of a line written in... see more

This is a collection of computational and graphical applets as well as on-line exercises.

This site contains a tool (calculator) that will find the inverse of the square matrix using the Gaussian elimination... see more

This interactive toolkit is designed to introduce concepts usually covered in a first course in linear algebra. The... see more

Given an (mxn) matrix, this tool generates the dimensions and a basis for each of the four subspaces: column space, null... see more

A compendium of open source applications to help math or computer programming teachers. There are free editors and other... see more

This JavaScript provides the parametric solution to system of linear equations having parametric right-hand-side values.... see more

Calculus Revisited is a series of videos and related resources that covers the materials normally found in freshman- and... see more

This site contains a calculator that solves Systems of Linear Equations using Gaussian Elimination Method, Inverse Matrix... see more

This is a lesson plan for solving systems of linear equations to Algebra 1 students. Methods to be taught include... see more

Touch Pythagoras: The Pythagorean Theorem Interactive. You can change the lengths of the legs (dragging). You can change... see more

This is an excellent site for making scatterplots. It lets you input your x & y and gives you a scatterplot as well as... see more

Shockwave animations of various topics in linear algebra. Screensaver also available.

A large collection of applets designed to demonstrate basic mathematics. Many foreign-language versions available.

A tutorial, with applets, on vectors and vector algebra.

This course is divided into Part I and Part II. The first part of the course provides an introduction to statistical... see more

The laws of nature are expressed as differential equations. Scientists and engineers must know how to model the world in... see more

This is a basic subject on matrix theory and linear algebra. Emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other... see more

This course covers matrix theory and linear algebra, emphasizing topics useful in other disciplines such as physics,... see more

This course provides students with the basic analytical and computational tools of linear partial differential equations... see more

This course provides an introduction to nonlinear dynamics and chaos in dissipative systems. The content is structured to... see more

A set of n vectors each with n values may form a basis for a vector space. However, in general these are not normalized... see more

To calculate the value o apple, orange, pear and lemon from 4 purchases. About mental arithmetic, with a pre-algebra tool... see more