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Contains the accessibility statement of California State University with regards to the procurement of materials,... see more

Check the foreground and background color combination of DOM elements. Determines if the contrast is sufficient when... see more

Color Palette Accessibility Evaluator is a tool that allows you to analyze any combination of colors from a palette to... see more

This tool lets you choose contrast values so you can test them for WCAG contrast accessibility guidelines.

Colorblind Webpage Filter is a tool that applies filters to a webpage. This is used for people with color vision... see more

This tool allows you to enter to hexadecimal color values to check for WCAG 1.0 or 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Covers WAI guideline checkpoint 2.2 by checking for sufficient color contrast. You can enter your own color code or pick... see more

Online checker. Checks contrast ratio for accessibility. Checks against WCAG 2.0 specifications, levels unknown.

Provides a designer of a web page to use a 3-dimensional color RGB color space to check the contrast ratio of colors.... see more

The Cryptzone Cynthia Says portal is a website that helps users identify errors in their web content. HTML codes are... see more

Helps users clean up web page coding by checking HTML and CSS syntax.

Allows you to check the validity of a CSS against W3C’s validation service. Also includes a color contrast test and a... see more

Checks CSS style sheet for webpages accessibility.

This article gives some considerations to developers who want to design for more usable and enjoyable interactions.  

Dr. Watson is free service to analyze a web page on the internet for errors. This tool analyzes HTML syntax to make sure... see more

Tool for website mapping tool that lets you create, edit and share sitemaps. Integrated with google analytics, link info,... see more

'Climb the mountain and play the yeti games. Each game will test memory and learning skills. The Yeti Master will explain... see more

The EIII User Testing Tool (UTT) is a bookmarklet designed for web accessibility evaluation (WCAG 2.0). With this tool,... see more

Explains EPUB3 accessibility guidelines relating to establishing logical reading order.

Etre's Accessibility Check evaluates your page against subset of the WAI guidelines. These guidelines form the basis of... see more

The European Internet Inclusion Initiative is a website with tools that check the accessibility of PDF pages. PDF pages... see more

The European Internet Inclusion Initiative is a website with tools that check the accessibility of web pages. HTML pages... see more

This PDF is a chapter by Petrie, H. and Bevan, N. from The Universal Access Handbook, C Stepanidis (ed), London: Taylor... see more

EVALURA  examines the accessibility of a website. It looks at live https we pages against the WCAG 2.0 Level-AA... see more