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This site is a group of tutorials that address a wide range of search topics. Users who have no prior knowledge of how to... see more

This resource enables one to research countries in Asia. A map is provided for each country, and information on... see more

Although this is an assignment for a professional selling class, the module can be easily used in any discipline. The... see more

This is an assignment for a class on Information Technology that could be adapted to other classes. The author provides... see more

Included at this site are a variety of case studies that demonstrate the use of statistics. One can search the type of... see more

Here is a great site for statistical analysis. There are colorful presentations and explanations in "suggested learning... see more

This site is designed by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology to help instruct students regarding the... see more

This site contains three tutorials that familiarize the student with methods for communicating on the web: e-mail,... see more

'The book "Introductory Business Statistics" by Thomas K. Tiemann explores the basic ideas behind statistics, such as... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'Big Data, or the large data sets captured by enterprises, is set to change... see more

This article from EDUCAUSE Quarterly explains how a Statistics instructor uses Google Forms to engage students in a... see more

According to the OER Commons, "Word 2007 is a word processor designed by Microsoft This manual will show you some more... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by "Information management is vital for today’s businesses. It... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by "This is the exercise book for Business Information Management.... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon.  "This textbook provides an overview of business information... see more

This is a complete online workbook that introduces the use of computer simulations in applied social research designs.... see more

"Phil Factor is a legend in his own runtime. Scurrilous, absurd, confessional and scathing by turns, Confessions of an IT... see more

Tbis site from provides tips on how to improve your site without spending a fortune. Topics include... see more

This site is a web-based expert system that teaches database design. Students create their designs using a graphical... see more

We set out to design an introductory course governed by four themes: Give students a good idea of what a career in MIS... see more

This website provides explanations for a variety of different statistical techniques. In addition to Elementary Concepts... see more

I find the space where business and technology meet to be tremendously exciting, but it’s been painful to see the anemic... see more

This is classified as a online book, but is a very short one.  The learning goals of the "book" are that students "•... see more

This is the site of a 2001 Frontline report on the exploits of hackers and how they have highlighted the internet's... see more