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The media landscape is a very different beast today than it was even 5 years ago. Then agency-led television commercials... see more

This 3 1/2 minute video introduces the concept of Content Marketing, along with providing examples.

Presumably you've already made plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse, but have you thought through the important... see more

Economics is built on the premise that humans act rationally, but everyone behaves irrationally some of the time. Is it... see more

This 6:30 minute YouTube video coincides with the risk assessment content of the Enterprise Risk Management model from... see more

 If you ask people whether they think stealing is wrong, most of them would answer yes. And yet, in 2013, organizations... see more

In 3:30 minutes, the author provides a very brief introduction to Internal Control and the 5 COSO elements.  The... see more

This 2:49 minute video provides an overview of basic elements of revenue recognition, to... see more

An overview of basic elements of expense recognition, to accompany chapter 3 of ... see more

What is mercantilism? How did economics contribute to rising tensions between the North and the South in the years before... see more

What if there were no prices? How would you use available resources? In this video, Professor Howard Baetjer Jr. of... see more

According to Professor Aeon Skoble of Bridgewater State University, the word “value” has very different meanings for... see more

Paradoxically, while natural disasters clearly destroy wealth, they also seem to create wealth and employment when the... see more

Do you think that a majority vote is always the fairest way to reach a consensus? Think again! In this video, Professor... see more

RealView Imaging is pioneering the field of interactive live holography, creating new dimensions for Augmented Reality.... see more

This brief YouTube video (2:53) from 2MinutePsychology offers an overview of the Big Five Personality Model. 

This video (7:35) is enlightening about the scope and repercussions of sharing personal information online.

This 7:21 minute video is the third of ten in a series on Budgeting Basics developed for the Association of Washington... see more

This 6:11 minute video is the second of ten in the series on Budgeting Basics created for the Association of Washington... see more

This 8:32 minute video by Christopher Barnatt explains big data characteristic, big data technologies, and opportunities... see more

This 12 minute video is from the 2015 American Accounting Association Conference.  As the title suggests the prsentation... see more

Private limited company registration in Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities at best prices. LegalRaasta is online CA / agent... see more

This is a 7 minute lecture from, that covers accounts, debits, and credits. In order to access... see more

Using a Model for Team Development by Katzenbach and Smith,  this PowerPoint presentation also adds how diversity affects... see more