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FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data) provides access to a wide range of time-series data. Several of those series signal... see more

Stocks and bonds offer potential gains for investors, but they can also help fuel the economy. The October 2016 issue ofÂ... see more

Industrial Organization, a Contract Based approach (aka IOCB) offers an extensive and an up-to-date panorama of... see more

Inflation, unemployment, recession, economic growth—these economic concepts affect people in very real ways. In two... see more

According to the website, "The course book its focused on the study of Free Software in relation with the private sector... see more

U.S. taxpayers expect the government to be a careful steward of taxpayer money. The October 2017 issue of Page One... see more

This video was recorded at Contribution of Research and Technology Development (RTD) to Developing Sustainable... see more

Like Nobody’s Business is a remarkable piece of work. The book describe all aspects of the enormously complicated... see more

Students learn that economic forces have an impact beyond the financial world. First, they learn that Progressive Era... see more

Learn about the Great Depression using a crossword puzzle and word search. You can play online or print the activities.... see more

Learn about the Great Depression using a crossword puzzle and word search. You can play online or print the activities.... see more

This video was recorded at PLSC 270 - Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform. Dean of the Yale School of Management,... see more

Much of the information relevant to policy formulation for industrial development is held by the private sector, not by... see more

Largely short-answer free response quiz on basic facts about the IMF. This resource is active for students but isn't easy... see more

“Recession� is one of the scariest words in economics. The loss of jobs and income can have lasting impacts on... see more

In this course, your students will play the role of a freshman lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives trying to... see more

The fifth episode covers the basics of unemployment—how it is defined, how it is measured, and how it is categorized... see more

This textbook provides an innovative, internationally oriented approach for teaching of corporate social responsibility... see more

MikesBikes Advanced gives students real-world business experience as they manage their own bicycle manufacturing company.... see more

This outlook provides a focused assessment of the state of public capital in the major European countries and identifies... see more

How do we know how many people are unemployed? Why are they unemployed? What can be done to get people back to work?... see more

NOTE: Must create an account in order to download book. A book of free economics notes based on more than thirty years'... see more