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Experimentation and exploration the way scientists create new knowledge will be adopted as the cornerstone for learning... see more

The DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC) provides access to resources that meet seven specific review criteria. The criteria... see more

This course covers introductory microbiology from a systems perspective, considering microbial diversity, population... see more

The Sun produces 'solar wind', a continuous flow of charged particles that can affect us on Earth. It may also release... see more

Fifty years have passed since the first Earth Day, on 22 April 1970. This accessible, incisive and timely collection of... see more

A great variety of processes affect the surface of the Earth. Topics to be covered are production and movement of... see more

NASAs Physical Sciences Research Program conducts fundamental and applied physical sciences research, with the objective... see more

The Strand Map Service (SMS) aims at providing an interactive online interface for use by educators and learners in the... see more

Earth's climate is continually changing and is in a warming period now, due in part to enhanced human emissions of... see more

According to OER Commons, "This brochure gives a brief description of the science research that is being done with data... see more

This site, part of Exploring Earth Investigation by McDougal Littell and TERC, examines how Earth's spheres are... see more

This module is designed to connect cutting edge NASA research with the teaching and learning of core science and... see more

Student teams formulate and complete space/earth/ocean exploration-based design projects with weekly milestones. This... see more

The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of principles of marine isotope geochemistry, its... see more

This course covers sediments in the rock cycle, production of sediments at the Earth's surface, physics and chemistry of... see more

The ability to quantify the uncertainty in our models of nature is fundamental to many inference problems in Science and... see more

In this course, principles of thermodynamics are used to infer the physical conditions of formation and modification of... see more

In this activity, polystyrene spheres and strong magnets are used to represent the Sun and Earth, and their distinct... see more

This course examines diagnostic studies of the Earth's atmosphere and discusses their implications for the theory of the... see more

Forecasting is the ultimate form of model validation. But even if a perfect model is in hand, imperfect forecasts are... see more

This activity introduces students to planetary research. Students learn to focus on details by studying and writing... see more

This video was recorded at Technology Day 2008 - Out of this World. Happily for human spaceflight, Dava Newman and her... see more