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The Center for Media Literacy is a nonprofit educational organization that provides leadership, public education,... see more

The internet is full of false information and ads. Sometimes it can be challenging to decipher the validity of content.... see more

This PowerPoint presentation explains media literacy. emphasizing international aspects. It provides sample media... see more

The Canadian Association for Media Literacy is a not-for-profit, charitable association. Their website provides an... see more

This website looks at the various aspects and principles relating to digital literacy and the many skills and... see more

IREX’s Learn to Discern approach helps people of all ages develop healthy habits for engaging with information, online... see more

Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy provides research, policies, and teacher resources. Their vision is that... see more

This report covers the most significant media literacy projects of national or regional coverage in Europe carried out... see more

This Australian curriculum addresses media arts for K-12 students.

This OER ebook provides over 50 interactive multimodal explorations about media literacy and civic engagement through... see more

The European Commission mappedmedia literacy good practices and the promotionof transferring knowledge between member... see more

The Media Spot promotes media literacy education through collaborative media productions, workshops & curriculum... see more

This course serves as an in-depth look at literacy theory in media contexts, from its origins in ancient Greece to its... see more

This collection of resources, including links to professional learning opportunities, was compiled in conjunction with... see more

A YouTube video of a speech given by Professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State University at the University of Manitoba in... see more

Explanation of news literacy and its importance; includes 14 lessons about different aspects of news literacy.

Librarians and (public) libraries are active in promoting information literacy and (more recently) media literacy. After... see more

This presentation addresses fake news and the more general news and media literacies. Strategies, toolkits and other... see more

The Social Media Lab studies how people live, behave, think, share, and relate online.

The Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island advances media literacy education through research and... see more

Knowing how to integrate audiobooks into student learning plans and the classroom environment will help you get the most... see more

The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire... see more

What’s the bias of your favorite media outlet? See over 600 AllSides media bias ratings.

This report by the National Association for MediaLiteracy Education discusses the growth of attention in media litercy... see more