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Here I tested home-made lab kits and virtual labs from a company called Labster for my GOB Chemistry course.

A shockwave based simulation of a dissection of a leech followed by and investigation of the electrical behavior of the... see more

"Explore the upper airway with a 3D simulator. The Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab forms a unique transition between... see more

Virtual Courses Offered by the University of California

Virtual Anatomy Lab was developed to provide virtual access to the models, microscope slides and dissection materials... see more

The lab will familiarize you with the science and techniques used to make transgenic flies. Transgenic organisms, which... see more

Lab manuals and Virtual labs brought to you by the University of California Open access.

The Virtual Paleobotany Lab contains the background material and instructions for 12 lab exercises from a UC Berkeley... see more

The Virtual Lab, developed by the University of Virginia, provides visual representation of the scientific principles we... see more

The Virtual Genetics Lab (VGL) is a simulation of transmission genetics that approximates, as closely as possible, the... see more

NASA Learning Technologies (NLT) is a NASA R&D effort for the engineering of teaching tools that deliver NASA content in... see more

FLASH IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS THE VIRTUAL LABS WOW Biolab contains virtual simulated labs that can be paired with content... see more

This site allows you to insert beakers, flasks, use droppers, mix solutions...just like in a real lab.

The UVA Virtual Lab is a collection of more than fifty presentations on microelectronics, nanotechnology, and the science... see more

This Rutgers University Web site contains a set of online biology labs each so detailed and comprehensive, they could... see more

Online human physiology lab guide, includes learning objectives, procedural details, tutorials on interpreting results,... see more

The Go-Lab Ecosystem supports and enriches the teaching of different scientific school subjects, using the inquiry-based... see more

This video was recorded at 5th International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), Barcelona 2011.... see more

This site provides a very informative and interactive simulation on DNA microarray analysis. Students are able to perform... see more

This resource is a narrated animation on how gram staining of bacteria is done.

An in depth and very detailed virtual lab manual with definitions, pictures and a wide range of topics from plant... see more

'The Virtual Labs in the CSU is part of system-wide Academic Technology initiative to reduce enrollment bottleneck... see more

Rich, high-end interactive learning media for physiology including tutorials, animations, virtual labs, simulations,... see more

Goal of the lab is to illustrate one of many calcium concentration detection techniques. Ca-ion selective electrode gives... see more