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According to the author, "Although this book is associated with The Physics Suite and is distributed as an instructor's... see more

'Good researchers have a host of tools at their disposal that make navigating today’s complex information ecosystem much... see more

Guided by cultural beliefs and principles, families select experiences, convey attitudes, and impart knowledge to their... see more

This is the first volume in a series on Andragogy and Pedagogy. Introduction to Piaget: The Father of Pedagogy describes... see more

Book 1. Beginning grammar book in a 5-level series for ESL students. This is the first of the two books for beginners,... see more

In this book we decided to approach the career practitioner’s role from the standpoint of relationships - to ourselves,... see more

Text book containing 100+ activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online

This open textbook was revised in 2018 under a Round Eleven Mini-Grant for Revisions and explores the topic of various... see more

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disorders. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders develop differently.... see more

This online textbook addresses the population of individuals with disabilities that experience complex lifelong needs... see more

An open PressBook resource that explores best practices for using conferencing tools for teaching and learning. Adaptable... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle. Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

This handbook is one of two campus publications designed by the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) to... see more

This is a pilot project to explore the efficacy of Pressbooks toward the creation of e-books to deaf learners. The... see more

Digital Tools in Urban Schools demonstrates significant ways in which high school teachers in the complex educational... see more

If a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, it can be challenging to know where to seek help. Parents may worry that they will... see more

This open textbook was the result of a remix of pre-existing open materials collected and reviewed by Molly Zhou and... see more

Chapters in the text can be assigned either from beginning to end, as with a conventional printed book, or they can be... see more

This book is the newest iteration of a project that began way back in the Fall of 2006. Students enrolled in a course... see more

This book has been designed to guide the learner through a step-by-step analysis of some of the most relevant topics of... see more

This book has been designed to guide the learner through a step-by-step analysis of some of the most relevant topics of... see more

This reading contains topics on Models of Disability, What is Special Education?, Principles of IDEA, and... see more

This reading packet contains selected readings on speech and language impairment, Assistive Technology, Learning... see more

This book was written to provide students with an introduction to the field of education. The book is broken into... see more