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Exponential Functions allows the user to investigate the relationship between the equation and the graph of exponential... see more

The graphs of sin, cos and tan are generated by the user by means of a scroll bar which controls the motion of a point on... see more

This JAVA applet demonstrates the Law of Sines in two forms.

Quadratic Functions contains two applets that allow the user to change the coefficients of a quadratic equation and... see more

This applet explores Riemann sums including left endpoint, right endpoint, midpoint, inscribed rectangle, circumscribed... see more

This site contains six research projects that investigate topics in geometry and number theory.  Each provides the... see more

Manipula Math - Conics is a collection of 9 JAVA applets that illustrate various concepts of parabolas, ellipses and... see more

Regression contains three applets on linear, quadratic and exponential regression. Each allows the user to investigate... see more

This applet is a web based lab that explores the properties of rational functions. The purpose of this lab is to help the... see more

This Java applet tutorial provides a series of word problems on determining confidence intervals. Each problem prompts... see more

Manipula Math - Complex Number is a collection of 23 applets that illlustrate the concepts of complex numbers in... see more

Truth Table Constructor creates truth tables for statements in propositional logic. It allows entry of up to six... see more

This site includes more than 40 tutorials in Intermediate Algebra topics with practice tests and answer keys. The site is... see more