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There is a growing subgroup within the transgendered community who do not identify as either a 'man' or 'woman', but as... see more

Information on how to identify or think about your sexual orientation; how to get comfortable with, and celebrate,... see more

This website includes a full description of botany, including the history of botany, the subdisciplines, botanist jobs,... see more

There are many reasons why students choose to come to study in the United States. Some of the most common reasons are to... see more

All new students’ first days are ones of adjustment. However, for international students, this is even truer. You will be... see more

This document provides information on assertiveness, including how to be assertive; barriers to assertiveness; and a... see more

Students who are the first in their family to attend college talk about the challenges they face. The video is part of a... see more

An award-winning documentary narrated by Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood, First Generation tells the story of four... see more

Congratulations on choosing to further your education! While you may be experiencing a mix of emotions, please know that... see more

First generation college applicants have a hard time, not being able to rely on their parent's experience, etc. Well,... see more

This website gives a decription of many aspects of plant physiology. It gives brief overviews over subjects such as plant... see more

This is a US Government resource that links to programs at a wide variety of institutions that address... see more

This is a helpful guide on the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex with easy to follow steps. This guide lists the components... see more

Enjoy Nickjr channel on Roku and the activation process is very easy. Nickjr is a completely a fun entertainment channel... see more

From Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest, leaders in the education field are working to make college accessible and... see more

The research project of this Ph.D. in Digital Media has as objective the creation of a tool (object of learning) for... see more

Richard Chase and May Justus may seem like very different figures in the history of children’s literature. The Jack Tales... see more

In this lab, students work individually or collaboratively to abstract key principles of pattern recognition. Using Java... see more

In this project students build a matching game in order to gain experience and proficiency with loops, control flow,... see more

This fake news poster explains fake news: its consumption, discernment, and instructional strategies. It links to... see more

Dr. Kliethermes explains trauma and trauma-focused cognitive/behavioral therapy (TFCBT). He discusses how he utilizes... see more

Although most clinical training programs stress the importance of attunement and positive regard in clinical work, few... see more

This presentation provides an overview of the Buddhist notion of pain versus suffering as it applies to trauma and trauma... see more

ACT cofounder-author-professor Dr. Steven C. Hayes describes the core of the addictive process and how integrating the... see more