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This class offers a foundation in the visual art practice and its critical analysis for beginning architecture students.... see more

This class will introduce students to a variety of contemporary art practices and ideas. The class will begin with a... see more

The course investigates e-Learning systems from a business, policy, technical and legal perspective. The issues presented... see more

Furniture making is in many ways like bridge building, connections holding posts apart with spans to support a deck. Many... see more

In this seminar, students will design and perfect a digital environment to house the activities of large-scale... see more

This subject explores the varied nature and practice of computation in design. We will view computation and design... see more

Introduction to Design Inquiry explores the nature and exercise of design intelligence. It aims to open avenues for... see more

This class presents an analysis of the development of housing models and their urban implications in Paris, London, and... see more

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop a map of contemporary architectural practice and discourse.... see more

The goal of this course is to investigate with students backgrounds on some of the pivotal events that have shaped our... see more

This architectural studio will have one main project for the semester: to explore the issues surrounding the redesign of... see more

This class focuses on representation tools used by architects during the design process and attempts to discuss the... see more

During this course, we will be exploring basic questions of architecture through several short design exercises. Working... see more

An intensive nine day remote collaborative workshop involving MIT and Miyagi University in Japan. The objective is to... see more

This class investigates the theory, method, and form of collage. It studies not only the historical precedents for... see more

This workshop investigates the current state of sustainability in regards to architecture, from the level of the tectonic... see more

This course serves as an introduction to urban form and design, focusing on the physical, historical, and social form of... see more

This workshop explores how designers might become as sensitive to space as they are to objects. Through a number of... see more

This is a project to assist in the design, drawing, modeling and hopefully constructing of a small Community Children's... see more

This studio discusses in great detail the design of urban environments, specifically in Providence, RI. It will propose... see more

This studio will investigate the social, programmatic, tectonic and phenomenological performance and character of a... see more

The project for this studio is to design a demonstration project for a site near the French Quarter in New Orleans. The... see more

This studio proposes to engage tectonics as a material process. By exploring transformation, indeterminacy and mutability... see more

This semester students are asked to transform the Hereshoff Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island, through processes of erasure... see more