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Resource for music reading instruction. Produced by Rice University, Connexions, the overall resource in which... see more

This is a great article on the origins of biology dating back to the times of ancient Greece.  Aristotle combined... see more

A collection of interactive learning objects. This link is their collection of lessons related to religion - mostly brief... see more

Initial goal directed instructional lesson plan for third graders to encourage their point of view in reviewing websites.

Snapguide is a simple, beautiful way to share and view step-by-step how to guides. Discover new things to cook, build,... see more

Linear programmed learninf material is defined as a tool to help people learn by moving form one small item of... see more

Svaki sistem za upravljanje sadržajima (LMS) bi trebao da implementira nekoliko stavki da bi uopšte mogao da se svrsta u... see more

SimBio produces software using interactive mathematical simulations to teach biology in an inquiry-driven learning style.

Osnovni cilj ove publikacije jeste da upozna citaoca sa osnovama baza podataka.

 Objekat CRM koncept u sistemu za upravljanje učenjem Moodle je pregled i primena pojmova CRM-a u određenom sistemu za... see more

C programski jezik spada u proceduralne programske jezike koji je razvijen u ranim 70-im godinama 20. vijeka. Autor ovog... see more

This repositories contain vocational education material resource.

This website describes the various regions of the human brain including what role they play in various functions of the... see more

*The NROC Project (NROC) is a community-guided, non-profit organization focused on college and career readiness. NROC... see more

The iStudy tutorials are designed to advance students' knowledge and skills in areas that can promote overall academic... see more

Este es un manual en español para la programacion de la PBX Samsung OfficeServ 7000. El cual se puede utilizar para... see more

This is a PowerPoint Jeopardy Game that can be used as a review of key topics and ideas, in an introductory course on... see more

Resources for sophmore level anatomy and physiology.

El presente Objeto de Aprendizaje trata sobre la toma de impresiones dentales, un paso indispensable en la obtención de... see more

Decribes the inequalities in access to cancer care particularly in the low and middle income countries.  These include... see more

'Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free. Our iPad app is the best way to view Khan Academy’s complete... see more

a)  Interdisciplinary material for every teacher. 

Princeton University is making available a new collection of digitized material on liberty and the American Revolution.... see more