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In the Comparative Advantage courses, students meet Jack Of All Trades, a most awesome superhero. In all tasks, Jack can... see more

Cards, Cars and Currency is a set of personal finance programs that encourages participants to learn about three areas of... see more

Capital markets include the stock and bond markets, and this is where businesses turn for funding when they need... see more

Budgeting is the most basic and most important tool in anyone's financial toolbox. With this resource, students are given... see more

Be an informed consumer. Understand the costs and benefits of various alternative financial services, such as payday... see more

You will flip over this fun way to review personal finance concepts, whether you're taking a class in school, preparing... see more

Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary is the first step in learning a new discipline like economics or personal finance. We... see more

The Piggy Bank Primer: Budget and Saving e-book for 7 through 9 year olds uses a story, activities, and puzzles to... see more

Young children are not likely to think past their piggy banks when it comes to safe places to set money aside for those... see more

History holds many economic lessons. The Great Depression, in particular, is an event that provides the opportunity to... see more

The FYE 105: Financial Literacy Curriculum Unit was developed for use in a First-Year Experience course to provide... see more

Kiddynomics: An Economics Curriculum for Young Learners is a set of lessons designed to introduce young children to the... see more

It's Your Paycheck! is designed for use in high school personal finance classes. The curriculum contains three sections:... see more

Cards, Cars and Currency is a curriculum unit that challenges students to become involved in three specific areas of... see more

A Yen to Trade is a set of lessons for students in the middle grades—grades 6-8. These lessons are written to help... see more

Students participate in a banking role play in which they portray roles based on characters in the book Worth! by A.... see more

In this lesson, students read and interpret choropleth maps, which contain unemployment data. They compare verbal... see more

Students will determine the costs, benefits, and unintended consequences of policies, beginning with analysis of a policy... see more

Students listen to the book Uncle Jed's Barbershop, about an African-American barber who, despite significant setbacks,... see more

Students observe the teacher produce a paper taco and then produce their own paper tacos. Students learn about the... see more

Students learn about opportunity cost, saving, savings goals and a savings plan by reading The Pickle Patch Bathtub.... see more

The Panic of 1907 was a financial crisis set off by a series of bad banking decisions and a frenzy of withdrawals caused... see more

Students learn about consumers and producers and give examples from the book The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. They... see more

In this lesson, students learn how businesses use advertising to influence the choices consumers make. Using magazines,... see more