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Para que sea eficaz, la concentración de una medicamento tomada por un paciente debe ser lo suficientemente grande, sin... see more

Repasamos las diferentes formas de expresar números complejos.

Se presentan diferentes situaciones reales que darán pie a la introducción del concepto de relación binaria. Se muestra... see more

En este vídeo se muestra un ejemplo en contexto real que es resuelto, tras la modelización adecuada como relación... see more

When a simple random sample (SRS) of size n is drawn from a N(μ, σ) population, the one-sample t statistic has the t... see more

The American roulette wheel has 38 numbered slots: 1 through 36, 0, and 00. If the wheel is fair, the ball will be... see more

If the sample size, n, is "large" and both np and n(1 - p) are large enough, the sampling distribution of the sample... see more

This applet illustrates the P-value for a significance test involving one population proportion, p. These concepts easily... see more

This applet illustrates statistical tests with a fixed level of significance for a population proportion, p. The... see more

This applet simulates the process of taking an election poll involving two candidates. Some proportion p of the... see more

Suppose you have a large "hopper" of colored candies. You believe each of the 5 colors are represented equally often in... see more

The Central Limit Theorem says that as n increases, the binomial distribution with n trials and probability p of success... see more

A sample selected in such a way that every sample of the desired size is equally likely to be chosen is called a simple... see more

A description of a distribution almost always includes a measure of its center. The two common measures of center are the... see more

Observe a random variable X very many times. In the long run, the proportion of outcomes taking any value gets close to... see more

The Central Limit Theorem says that the distribution of sample means of n observations from any population with finite... see more

In this course, students will learn advanced methods of integration, partial differentiation, introduction to first and... see more

This course provides an introduction to calculus with exposure to applications in science, business, and economics. The... see more

Higher Arithmetic explores elementary number theory, numeration systems, operations on integers and rational numbers, and... see more

This course explores topics in discrete mathematics including the language of logic, set theory, enumeration,... see more

This book will help you to understand elementary mathematics more deeply, gain facility with creating and using... see more

This Site contains several interactive R Shiny apps that help us visualize statistical concepts.

This site contains an online calculator that finds analytic solution of the initial value problem with a given elementary... see more

The material is accessible after a free registration. This lesson contains 3D models. Some of them are available after a... see more