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Created by authors Duckworth, McCabe, Moore and Sclove for the W.H. Freeman Co., this applet is designed to help students... see more

This applet graphs histograms and stemplots. It additionally calculates measures of center and measures of spread for... see more

This group activity focuses on conducting an experiment to determine which of two brands of paper towels are more... see more

The activity is designed to help students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is meant by variability in... see more

Students explore the definition and interpretations of the probability of an event by investigating the long run... see more

The Caesar Shift is a translation of the alphabet; for example, a five-letter shift would code the letter a as f, b as g,... see more

This article describes an interactive activity illustrating general properties of hypothesis testing and hypothesis tests... see more

The Food and Drug Administration requires pharmaceutical companies to establish a shelf life for all new drug products... see more

An important objective in hiring is to ensure diversity in the workforce. The race or gender of individuals hired by an... see more

This group activity illustrates the concepts of size and power of a test through simulation. Students simulate binomial... see more

In these activities designed to introduce sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, students generate several... see more

Residual plots and other diagnostics are important to deciding whether or not linear regression is appropriate for a set... see more

Created by faculty at Grand Valley State University, this article describes an interactive activity illustrating sampling... see more

This activity leads students to appreciate the usefulness of simulations for approximating probabilities. It also... see more

Created by Joan Garfield of the University of Minnesota, this activity provides students with 24 histograms representing... see more

Created by Mary Richardson of Grand Valley State University, this article describes an activity that illustrates... see more

This page, created by Statisical, contains a short article on Simpson'€™s Paradox with an example of how... see more

Richard Lowry of Vassar College has created this page to display the sampling distribution and the standard error of the... see more

This resource, by journalist Robert Niles, defines and explains standard deviation and the normal distribution. Graphs... see more

This tutorial, created by Laura Little of the University of Washington, exposes students to conducting t-tests in SPSS.... see more

Authored by the University of California, Los Angeles, this page provides class notes and online movie lectures for... see more

This activity, created by faculty members at the University of Virginia, uses a computer program to explore probability... see more

This tutorial, created by Thomas W. MacFarland of Nova Southeastern University, explains the theory and use of the... see more

This article, created by G.V. Barr, proposes to make a "tentative contribution to the knowledge of students'... see more