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This is an interactive self-paced interactive modue for nursing students. This module aids in understanding the... see more

A brief but interesting podcast giving an overview of the CRISPR techonology, the potential impacts on our world, with... see more

Robin Farr's 15 minute TedX talk honestly details her journey through postpartum depression over the course of three... see more

Sepsis recognition and interventions for nurses to help the spetic patient.



This is an exploration of Lagrange Multipliers that includes the definitions, applications, and motivation behind... see more

In this 6-minute YouTube video, Biology Professor describes the major differences in Gram-Positive bacteria cell walls... see more

This video provides a panel of professionals that are being interviewed by The Huffington Post and explain TELEHEALTH... see more

Gamification & game-based learning (GBL) are terms that are used interchangeably, but are very different in their... see more

This is a PowerPoint presentation in which the following are discussed: Framework for managing OER authoring 4 Lessons... see more

Mar 8, 2017 How can #OER & #OEP work with Public Education & Government to solve @UN @SustDev Goals

This presentation is delivered regularly with faculty at our institution to discuss the possibilities of open education... see more

Mar 8, 2017 ... Open Education Global Conference (Cape Town). Presenters: Paul Stacey, Abdullah Almegren, Cable Green.

Keynote presentation for Open Apereo 2015 describing the components of the Open Education Infrastructure. Connects... see more

A newspaper that features articles in Portuguese and English published in New York and aimed at creating awareness of all... see more

Camtasia is a software application for creating and editing videos. Video, audio, and other media can be imported. ... see more

Presentation linking several Spanish A-Levels topics and themes: Spain before and after the Democracy, the Civil War,... see more

This is a presentation that discusses how to find a variety of open educational resources. In addition, the author... see more

This workshop focusing on Open Educational Resources features keynote speaker David Ernst, Chief Information Officer of... see more

This is a 5-minute animation illustrating the steps involved in embedding open licences in educational resources, and... see more