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This collection features digital resources and teaching ideas relevant to the many components of the Hurricane Katrina... see more

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, ODU's Department of Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences acquires and disseminates... see more

The Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (PANGA), an organization devoted to the study of earthquakes and crustal deformation... see more

MRI conducts various marine research and provides Iceland's Ministry of Fisheries with scientific advice based on its... see more

This portal provides access to information on United States Geological Survey (USGS) research projects and other topics... see more

This portal provides links to a wide selection of websites related to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global... see more

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) offers undergraduate... see more

The Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) at UNH is a multidisciplinary scientific research institute... see more

The station provides year-round research facilities and technical assistance to scientists from the five western Canadian... see more

The Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN), which operates a network of 250 continuously-operating Global... see more

Collaboration of fifteen federal agencies to provide leadership and coordination of national oceanographic research and... see more

This Website offers a review of the surface circulation of Earth's ocean and classroom investigations appropriate for... see more

This animation explains the code-phase and carrier-phase portions of the signal that is used for timing in Global... see more

This United States Geological Survey (USGS) fact sheet provides information on USGS professional papers, bulletins, and... see more

Research program investigating impacts of submarine volcanoes and hydrothermal venting on the global ocean. Research... see more

On this 2003 expedition, scientists from several institutions explored a hydrothermal field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,... see more

Unit from Smithsonian multidisciplinary ocean curriculum. Lesson plan focuses on how dynamic coastlines, oceanographic... see more

This portal provides access to maps, aerial photographs, books, booklets, posters, CDs, digital data, and satellite... see more

A comprehensive list of federal, state, and international tsunami links and publications. Links are both internal and... see more

This collection of resources on hurricanes includes a selection of activities in which students investigate storm surge,... see more

El Nino is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific with important climatic consequences... see more

These maps can be used as reference materials or as base maps for the addition of content as needed. There are a variety... see more

This site defines El Nino/Southern Oscillation and La Nina, provides a glossary, and presents real-time data of sea... see more

Website of USGS' Coastal and Marine Geology Program. Site features an easy to use interactive resource locator with pull... see more