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Next to the seasons, El Nino is the most powerful force driving global weather. Find out what scientists are learning... see more

An excellent resource and case study on types and effects of volcano eruptions. Beautiful labeled diagram of a volcano... see more

The United States Council on Geotechnical Engineering Research provides this website to "provide advocacy for the... see more

USGS provides detailed fact sheets, research reports and case studies of coastal erosion caused by El Nino events in... see more

This portal provides links to selected United States Geological Survey (USGS) educational resources that may be useful to... see more

הידלדלות שכבת האוזון היא בעיה כלל עולמית, שמחריפה משנה לשנה. מאמר על שכבת האוזון, מדוע היא נפגעת, ועל ההתגייסות... see more

An animated look at the deposition of geologic layers at seven locations around the USA. This site is meant to supplement... see more

Virtual River consists of two interactive exercises designed to help students learn about river processes like discharge,... see more

Grade 6-10 geography lesson plan evaluating population growth and water availability in the United States and in other... see more

A CUSA Sustainability Seminar delivered by Jay Famiglietti, PhD, Professor, Earth System Science and Civil &... see more

A curriculum development project for high school and undergraduate students that uses real-time environmental date to... see more

A review of weathering processes and the cycle of soil formation.

This formative assessment item uncovers student understanding of weather and seasons. It uncovers student ideas about... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Alliance for Global Sustainability Conference. John Sterman pokes holes... see more

In this activity, learners use a simple 3D model to discover why the Moon has phases. This activity is a very rewarding... see more

This article discusses the United States' increasing vulnerability to natural disasters because of population and... see more

This is a free, online wikibook, so its contents are continually being updated and refined. According to the authors, "It... see more

For the first time in history, the global demand for freshwater is overtaking its supply in many parts of the world. The... see more

Required for all Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences majors in the Environmental Science track, this course is an... see more

This is an undergraduate introductory laboratory subject in ocean chemistry and measurement. There are three main... see more

This course examines the science of natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and hurricanes and explores the... see more

12.103 explores the role of scientific knowledge, discovery, method, and argument in environmental policymaking from both... see more