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Large volumes of liquid waste were dumped into the sands of the Cape Cod aquifer at Otis Air Base. Groundwater flow... see more

A groundwater well is pumped for a period of time creating a cone of depression. How will the water table appear? a. A b.... see more

A groundwater well is pumped for a period of time creating a cone of depression. How will the water table appear several... see more

In a humid climate (e.g., Georgia), which process contributes the greatest volume of water to streams? a. human activity... see more

Liquid hazardous waste is disposed off by pumping it down injection wells. Which well location would be the most suitable... see more

A rapidly growing city within a humid climate zone experiences a land use change from predominantly crop land to mostly... see more

What happens to the volume of water that passes from groundwater to streams during a prolonged drought? a. it increases... see more

This document from Joe Orzali provides a classroom unit on consumer product disassembly. Students are asked to... see more

This website, developed to support the GLOBE Contrail Protocol, contains the latest information pertaining to contrails,... see more

This site, hosted by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension, presents an overview of points to consider when... see more

In this outdoor activity/game, learners use thermometers to simulate how lizards survive in habitats with extreme... see more

This resource explores Australias Great Barrier Reef, the largest structure on Earth built by living organisms.... see more

In this activity, learners investigate how increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the burning of fossil fuels is... see more

This site provides a description and graphic representation of the Coriolis Force, with links to a video and related... see more

This website is part of National Geographics Xpeditions Hall and includes lesson plans and activities related to the... see more

Natural selection simulation. Plants and animals (insects) go through generations according to parameters entered by the... see more

This web site, presented by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, provides information on average weekly crop... see more

Provided by Department of Agricultural And Applied Economics Professor T. Randall Fortenberry and Center for Dairy... see more

The simulation exercise uses a STELLA-based model called Daisyworld to explore concepts associated with Earth's energy... see more

In this activity, learners will simulate the interactions between a predator population of gray wolves and a prey... see more

In this activity, students are introduced to tree rings by examining a cross section of a tree, also known as a 'tree... see more

In this outdoor, sunny day activity, learners experiment with paper leaf models to discover how some desert plants... see more

In this activity, learners are invited to imagine the park of their dreams! In small groups, learners place moveable... see more

This 2005 article describes Intel's strategy to design for the environment. The article goes into Intel's goals for... see more