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The use of Jmol and JSpecView for exercises in the interpretation of IR, MS and NMR spectra

This PDF provides the second half of the basic first year University course in Chemistry. This module will review... see more

An applet for displaying chemistry spectral information (NMR, MS, IR, UV) encoded in JCAMP-DX format, with hyperlink... see more

This is a lab that involves creating custom "Lava Lites." There is also some background information on Lava lites as... see more

'Learn Biology easier with the help of Mnemonics. See how this simple application can help you learn up to 5X faster.... see more

This is a great resource for chemistry teachers. It permits teachers to utilize various non-traditional teaching... see more

This video was recorded at CHEM 125 - Freshman Organic Chemistry. Professor McBride outlines the course with its goals... see more

This video was recorded at YALE - EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law. The lecture describes the Clean Air Act and... see more

This video was recorded at CHEM 125 - Freshman Organic Chemistry. This lecture asks whether it is possible to confirm the... see more

This series of films explores a broad range of subjects in superconductivity, featuring interviews with leading world... see more

This site contains information on solid - state structures. It has multiple diagrams that can be downloaded and rotated... see more

This is a free, online wikibook, so its contents are continually being updated and refined. According to the authors,... see more

Molecular dynamics simulation of a polymer chain. Fast computers strongly recommended, since everything calculated on... see more

The bell-shaped curve, confidence intervals, using statistical tests of make conclusions, how to lie with statistics.

This interactive flash movie depicts the meachanism of Wittig reaction.

An introduction to the molecular tools of medicine by Dr. Michael W. King of the Indiana University School of Medicine.... see more

This lesson provides practice completing molar mass conversion factors.

Course Highlights Molecular computation is an emerging area of study as a borderline between computational science,... see more

Fifty files with the pdb format that describe the geometric characteristics of simple inorganic molecules. Theses files... see more

A website devoted to bridging the gap from organic chemistry to 'molecular informatics' with emphasis on secondary... see more

Shows a microscopic model for an ideal gas.

This Applet shows a microscopic model for an ideal gas. The pressure that a gas exerts on the walls of its container is a... see more