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A major Science standard in California for grade 6 is tectonics. This site is from NASA's Earth Observatory and it... see more

Solid website that offers podcasts for your ESL students. A podcast is an audio file that you download from the Internet.... see more

As an anticipatory set to any lesson (especially solar system for third graders) that has to do with Pluto and the Charon... see more

Connexions is internationally focused, interdisciplinary, and grassroots organized. More than one million people from 157... see more

4th grade science standards include magnetics. Have a look at this site. It allows for a short intro to magnetics and can... see more

Use this NASA Resource to come up with some type of math, science, language arts, or tech enhanced lesson. As an... see more

Use this resource to create Science/Language Arts lessons that have a NASA Science flavor. As an overview, NASA's Mars... see more

NASA's Digital Learning Network (DLN) is about connecting with the next generation of Explorers. The DLN assists in the... see more

This site carries a large amount of information regarding clouds, aerosols and their makeup. Teachers can use this as... see more

This site is being updated right now. This is the 2005 version (still alot of good stuff). Look for the updated version... see more

This is tied to the INSPIRE Program. It is the INSPIRE VLF radio receiver at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in... see more

This website is a challenging clearing house of economics data. It is data and information rich. It has information about... see more

INSPIRE is a non-profit scientific, educational corporation whose objective is to bring the excitement of observing... see more

A valuable website from NASA's Deep Space Network. GAVRT (Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope) teaches students to use... see more

A wonderful website from our friends at UC Berkeley. This program fosters reading through science and technology.

This is a NASA website that is a worldwide distributor of educational multimedia for a minimal charge. Browse through the... see more

Solid website from NASA/JPL. Description is as follows: Basics of Space Flight is a tutorial designed primarily to help... see more

This is a powerful site that lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite... see more

Keep up to date with this website that gives current information regarding NASA and their current missions. The website... see more

Please note that this is the new URL. This website is a world of information about NASA and its many different science... see more

Perfect for teachers to help their students self practice in preparation for the CAHSEE Examination. There are other... see more

This site contains diffrent kinds of quizzes, exersises, puzzles to assist ESL students in learning diffrent aspects of... see more

Wonderful site for practice in Spanish. Use the different links and different leveled units.

Informative site that discusses El Nino. See attached assignment.