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This class covers the history of 20th century art and design from the perspective of the technologist. Methods for visual... see more

This class explores computing that relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotion. Topics include the... see more

This class investigates cognitive science and technology as it is applied to the industrial design process. The class... see more

This course illuminates current theories about autism together with challenges faced by people on the autism spectrum.... see more

Increasingly, we are realizing that to make computer systems more intelligent and responsive to users, we will have to... see more

This is a free online course offered by the Saylor Foundation. 'This self-contained course presents a sampling of the... see more

This course covers the chemical and biological analysis of the metabolism and distribution of drugs, toxins and chemicals... see more

This is a free online course offered by the Saylor Foundation. 'Most mechanical engineering systems today involve... see more

Learn about the essential elements of Quality System Regulations (QSR's) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), how... see more

In this free, online textbook/course, students will learn to "•describe the wide range of methods of promoting health,... see more

This course begins with an overview of basic cell structure, followed by an explanation of how single cells come together... see more

After a historical introduction to molecular biology, this course describes the basic types of DNA and RNA structure and... see more

Course Highlights Molecular computation is an emerging area of study as a borderline between computational science,... see more

This course develops and applies scaling laws and the methods of continuum mechanics to biomechanical phenomena over a... see more

Designing a new business model is one thing, but how do you actually put it into practice? How do you move from your... see more

Learn advanced business model tools and metrics to help you achieve an agile business model. What you'll learn: How to... see more

Does your business need a make-over? Are you unsure how to start? Having an innovative business model is key for a... see more

By the end of this free textbook/course, the student will be able to "•define several important ethical concepts,... see more

MPH candidates are required to prepare capstone projects to complete their degree program. Each year, special honors were... see more

This is a free course offered by the Saylor Foundation. 'User dependency on the Internet increases every day; nowadays,... see more

To appreciate the opportunities and make wise choices about the use of technology, information professionals need to... see more

This course focuses on neural structures and mechanisms mediating the detection, localization and recognition of sounds.... see more

This course will provide students with an introduction to numerical methods and MATLAB®. Topics covered throughout the... see more

This course introduces students to the economic approach to evaluating obesity. It focuses on attributable health care... see more