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Explores connections between what we eat and who we are through cross-cultural study of how personal identities and... see more

This course provides an introduction to the language and culture of the Portuguese-speaking world, with special attention... see more

This course aims to introduce students to the rich diversity of human culture from antiquity to the early 17th century.... see more

This course is an introduction to diverse musical traditions of the world. Music from a wide range of geographical areas... see more

This course examines fundamental issues in the philosophy of law, including the nature and content of law, its relation... see more

This is a free online class offered by University of Western Sydney.  There are 6 lectures that can be downloaded through... see more

This course will cover American political thought from the nation's founding through the 1960s, exploring the political... see more

Covers the basics of R software and the key capabilities of the Bioconductor project, including importation and... see more

Provides a broad understanding of the application of biostatistics in a regulatory context.

This course is designed to introduce you to quantitative analysis (QA), or the application of statistics in the... see more

This course is an introduction to economics for non-majors and political economy, with an emphasis on the moral and... see more

Course Highlights In-class discussion is a primary focus of the class, through which students are introduced to recent... see more

This online course is designed to help scouting leaders know how to safely plan an outdoor climbing adventure. Goes over... see more

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an overview of the major political theorists and their work... see more

This course covers the basic areas of anthropology including biological evolution, the prehistoric evolution of early... see more

This unit will enable you to understand how arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences. Using extracts... see more

What role will the ‘regions’ play in the emerging governance structures of the European Union? This unit examines the... see more

What makes a ‘nation’ and what makes peoples strive for nationhood? This unit will provide you with an introduction to... see more

This unit focuses provides you with a further opportunity to practise the learning from audio visual material skills you... see more

This unit looks deeper into the entanglements of welfare, crime and society. It encourages you to think through these... see more

The words ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ have a wide variety of connotations in Britain, many of them negative. This unit... see more

Free online eLearning: Curious about designing sustainable food systems? The sustainable production, processing and... see more

As a specialist medium, maps and plans can be a challenge to use and it is not always immediately obvious just what can... see more

EDRAAK is an Education Intiative (non-profit Arabic MOOC Platform) founded by Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan and Queen... see more