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This unit explores how engaging in voluntary work can enhance your employment opportunities

Master course on design and planning of the urban water management system. It deals with fluxes and processes in water... see more

This website offers online workforce/continuing education courses to increase skill development, professional... see more

As a working professional, it can be difficult to consider going back to school. Trying to find the time to balance work,... see more

1.040 covers three important aspects of construction project management: the theory, methods and quantitative tools used... see more

This course addresses information technology fundamentals, including project management and software processes, data... see more

1.464 examines the long term effects of information technology on business strategy in the real estate and construction... see more

This course examines the evolving structure of cities and the way that cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas can be... see more

This course provides an introduction to bargaining and negotiation in public, business, and legal settings. It combines a... see more

This course introduces undergraduate planning students to the role of the planner in researching issues in cities both in... see more

This class discusses the economic aspects of current issues in education, using both economic theory and econometric and... see more

This seminar examines efforts in developing and advanced nations and regions to create, finance, and regulate... see more

Planning Economics (11.202) is a course that runs for the last one-third of a semester and covers economics topics of... see more

This class introduces first semester MCP students to the persistent themes and challenges facing planners. The goals of... see more

Microeconomics for Planners, 11.203, will ground you in basic microeconomics - how markets function, how to think about... see more

Second of two modules facilitating a basic understanding of computing in planning and public management. Students develop... see more

This course teaches students how to understand the rationality behind how organizations and their programs behave, and to... see more

This course is a client-based land analysis and site planning project. The primary focus of the course changes from year... see more

In 2008, the Beijing Urban Design Studio will focus on the issue of Beijing's urban transformation under the theme of... see more

This workshop explores the potential of media technology and the Internet to enhance communication and transform city... see more

Governments at every level assume a measure of responsibility for seeking good design. Some of that responsibility is... see more

In this course we examine the relationship between public policy and urban design through readings, discussions,... see more

This course combines a seminar format with fieldwork to examine strategies of planning and control for growth and land... see more

This course combines a seminar format with fieldwork to examine strategies of planning and control for growth and land... see more