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Edcation Scotland provides an excellent resource that contains a range of materials to help practitioners plan and... see more

This site contains links to articles on testimonial evidence such as witness statements, interviews and confessions.

This paper provides a broad overview of the subject of biometrics, how they are used, how performance is measured, how... see more

This is a course outline & materials for a class that studies juries. There are links to outside reading materials.

This is an empirical examination of family violence that is particularly relevant due to recent crime legislation... see more

This site contains some tips and tricks for crime scene investigation. These include collecting bullet casings, crime... see more

This document provides background on hate crimes and the procedures for reporting them. There are three learning modules... see more

This 2013 Annual Report of the U.S. Sentencing Commission addresses the sentencing guidelines and their amendments, legal... see more

UNODC’S Counter-Terrorism Learning Platform is an interactive toolspecifically designed for the training of criminal... see more

This is a very useful collection of articles on research issues related to police officer use of force. It is... see more

This site contains links to a variety of articles bout guns in the following subject areas: Federal Policy Issues, State... see more

The Wetlands Law Course Source can be used as the primary text for a two credit seminar or as a supplemental text to... see more

Citizen participation is everywhere. Invoking it has become de rigueur when discussing cities and regions in the... see more

This seminar facilitates the design and construction of installations and other community projects in conjunction with... see more

ISP Private Security and Protection, Istanbul, Turkey. There is a lot of info about security sector, and industry. You... see more

This 74 page report details comprehensive gang threat assessment information collected from throughout the United States... see more

1999 Crime mapping report explaining various functions of crime mapping. Created by Keith Harries, Ph.D., under National... see more

This site is a pdf document that includes all of the 585 pages of The 9/11 Commission Report.

This site provides links to the home pages of many of the federal criminal justice agencies. Included are: Major... see more

Superb example of comparison between three criminological theories. Comparison of general theory of crime, the age-graded... see more

This is a set of PowerPoint slides designed for a course entitled Introduction to Forensic Science. This set includes... see more

ספר הלימוד לתיכון למקצוע האזרחות. הספר מחולק לשלושה חלקים. שני החלקים הראשונים דנים בשתי אבני יסוד שעליהן מושתת המשטר... see more

This research report outlines the tasks that should be considered at every explosion scene, focusing on those related to... see more

This site contains lecture notes that are part of survey course of constitutional law emphasizing civil rights and... see more