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Authors J. Hadjigeorgiou, D. Milne, and R. Pakalnis introduce different rock mass characterizations and how they play a... see more

Created by Edwin F. Harp and Gerald F. Wieczorek of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), this resource is an... see more

Take students into the field and give each team a list of rocks or mineral types you want found and brought back within... see more

This guide provides illustrated descriptions of 46 common and important varieties of igneous, sedimentary, and... see more

This guide provides introductory information about rocks and minerals. Topics include some of the common rock-forming... see more

Surface Runoff: The objective of this resource is to examine the effect of soil type, ground cover type, and rainfall... see more

This animation shows how S-waves (secondary, or shear, waves) travel through a Slinky toy. It is accompanied by a brief... see more

From Foothill College and the Using a Web-Based GIS to Teach Problem-Based Science in High School and College project,... see more

Contains information on different aspects of tailings dams; tailings dam properties, disasters, failure modes, slurry... see more

The what, where, how, and why, about the San Andreas fault.

Specifications as well as the geographical position, map included, for the San Andreas fault.

Gives a brief description and information regarding the San Andreas fault. Maps and 3D structures are given as well.

This site contains the following information related to geothermal energy research at Sandia National Laboratories:... see more

PBS broadcasted a video series in 1998, titled "Savage Earth". This site has video streams and animation clips explaining... see more

This is an online activity in which students learn how to determine Richter magnitudes. The online Richter-magnitude... see more

Scientific Visualizations is part of the Learning Center and Prism project at the University of Washington. The... see more

The Sustainable Development Gateway provides access to over 1,200 sustainable development documents, a calendar of... see more

This site from James Madison University focuses on sedimentary rocks. It includes many useful links, including an... see more

According to Textbook Revolution, a student-run site “dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by... see more

This site presents educational modules for teaching about earthquakes, volcano eruptions and related plate tectonic... see more

This radio broadcast features a researcher who noticed unusual behavior in elephants while working in a national park in... see more

Not so long ago, people living near volcanoes had little that might help them to anticipate an eruption. A deep rumble, a... see more

In this activity, students learn about the different types of seismic waves in an environment they can control. Using an... see more

This teacher's guide is intended to provide suggestions on how to teach about seismic waves. It provides information on... see more