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Más de 80 animaciones de Física en Flash. n algunos casos se ofrecen, además, las animaciones originales convertidas en... see more

This animation shows the processes of growth in plants at the cellular level. It demonstrates how growth occurs at... see more

This is a great site that provides animations and explanations about transport of water and sugar in plants. The content... see more

Uses average speed as an example of a weighted average problem. Multiple representations illustrate the constraint that... see more

Includes problems in which one person catches another by traveling at a constant speed or a constant acceleration.... see more

Presents two concepts that are fundamental to calculus (area under a curve and a tangent to a curve) within a scientific... see more

Demonstrates through object manipulation that proportional reasoning applies to perimeter but does not apply to areas and... see more

Demonstrates how a simple (no leak) solution can be adapted to solve more complex problems in which there is a bottom... see more

Requires estimating and adjusting parameters to improve goodness-of-fit of linear and exponential models of population... see more

Illustrates how the same equation applies across a variety of problems that differ in story content. Shows different... see more

This is an applet that is designed to help students understand the features and factors of one- and two-way ANOVA tables.... see more

This quantum mechanics simulation shows electric dipole transitions, interactions of classical electromagnetic radiation,... see more

This site provides information about the hormone auxin, how it enables plant growth, and the effects it has on cell... see more

Spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Watch this live Snapchat story made with The Scottish Government and Leith... see more

This video explores how dead animals become preserved and the conditions necessary for that to happen.

Simplified simulation explaining how DNA replication in bacteria works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with... see more

Several high quality quicktime animations of infection by E. coli, infection by Salmonella, bacterail conjugation, the... see more

A Chemical Safety Board Video reporting the factors which lead to the explosion in Danvers Massachusetts in 2006

This music video describes how the heart pumps blood through the body - transporting nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide,... see more

A 2-dimensional relative velocity problem with an integrated physlet.

Learn how this useful tool provides us with information about food. This tool is used to gauge the free energy in food.

An introduction, using quantum based visualizations and animations, of bond formation in ionic and covalent compounds.... see more

Learn about the pathways of energy transfer during muscle movement. The animation demonstrated how ATP is split into ADP

This video offers insight of a women as she was diagnosed with breat cancer and describes her thought and feelings... see more