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This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon.

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. An eye-opening insight into how customers are often treated once they become... see more

This book has a 30 day free trial then there is a cost of $8.99 to buy the book. Develop a goal setting mindset... see more

This book is written both for practitioners and business students. Managers wishing to understand how electronic commerce... see more

The newly updated edition - based on Quirk's unique Think, Create, Engage, Optimise structure and processes - includes... see more

eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing is a textbook intended for third and fourth year marketing students... see more

In “EQ Secrets” you’ll discover how to: Cultivate the #1 predictor of personal and professional success Raise your... see more

Marketing aims at finding out what consumers want, then planning and developing a product or service that will attract... see more

Diese Studie ist eine aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme zum freiwilligen Engagement. Die Ergebnisse basieren auf dem Deutschen... see more

The move from full time education to the workplace can be uncertain and unsettling. Today’s workplace is competitive and... see more

This book will help graduate students organize their future career. I’m sure you, dear reader, started thinking about... see more

'Do you know someone who appears extremely confident and who always seems to get what they ask for? You have probably... see more

With its quirky title taken from what one of the mentors on The Voice Australia 2013 said to his mentee, this is an easy... see more

'This eBook will teach you what it takes to become a coach. It describes the history and the future of coaching, coaching... see more

'This eBook will teach you what it takes to become a coach. It describes the history and the future of coaching, coaching... see more

Around the World successful subscription-based companies like Netflix, Spotify and Zipcar are winning new markets, and at... see more

Learn how to engage your audience and leave nervousness behind. How to move and speak so that your audience wants to... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. 'Every manager has responsibilities towards himself/herself, their team, and the... see more

'This eBook explains how to deliver your presentation in a way that will keep the audience engaged from start to finish.... see more

We all want to be rewarded fairly and well for our work. If sometimes you believe you are due more, what do you do? This... see more

This book covers the difference between feedback (which is factual) and judgment or advice (which are opinions). It... see more

Work-life balance is a blend of work and personal life that is satisfying to you and the significant people in your life.... see more

Interruptions are a major productivity killer and it can be very difficult to protect yourself from them whilst... see more

This eBook describes the popular models of emotional intelligence and the tools that are used to measure it in each case.... see more