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ias in Focus Groups Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity Preferred format: This teaching activity is designed for... see more

Spotify is a huge music platform many people use everyday. This systems functions well streaming music with different... see more

NURSE as Educator Created in KnovioWeb from KnowledgeVision. View original:... see more

This page contains the learning outcomes and learning activities for the Generational Issues in Global Education course

Description from the website: "Printable maps with a simple clue that students use to determine what US State is outlined... see more

An activity that allows students to explore serendipity discoveries

This lesson is designed for 6th grade computer literacy students. It's intent is to introduce the types and kinds of... see more

applying learning theories, education, vygotsky, sociocultural learning theory, arcs instructional model

You will find information regarding leadership and employee engagement on this website. Further resources are available... see more

Can be used as an intro to traits. Students take a class survey and see what traits dominate the class.

This is a full lab project for an undergraduate acoustics class. There is an interactive Excel worksheet that can... see more

This video explains the average cost method of valuing inventory. The video goes through explaining how the calculations... see more

This learning activity from the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) provides students with the... see more

This lesson plan comes from EDSITEment, an educational Web site from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the... see more

This set of two Arduino assignments for Principles of Physics II includes an introductory assignment in exploring the... see more

This learning activity from The Mechatronics Education Center's Project SHINE develops student understanding of what is... see more

Presented through Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist, these biology experiments are designed for students to do... see more

Barriers to managing child and adolescent mental health problems: a systematic review of primary care practitioners’... see more

Patrons examine how the invention of "bots" on social media websites can influence public opinion, and then invent their... see more

An excellent bone tissue review in A/P

A very nice review/homework over chapter 11 (muscular tissue) that deals with the microscopic anatomy and physiology of... see more

This module is designed to illustrate the effects of selection bias on the observed relationship between premarital... see more

A chart comparing species of humanoids