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The website is comprised of informational resources for educators in public schools, community colleges, and... see more

This study develops an instrument—the Online Instructor Role and Behavior Scale (OIRBS)—and uses it to examine students'... see more

Student uses technology to discuss a teacher. In turn a teacher uses the same site to upload video of her conforting the... see more

Merlot page for EDUC 516 - Fundamentals of Active Engagement Webpage provides valuable information for trainers and the... see more

California’s Master Plan for Higher Education represented a promise, of an affordable college education, to every person... see more

Whether in a classroom or a work setting, training and the approach to training, and its effectiveness is imperative to a... see more

The various reports provide data specific to the mathematics and science teaching workforce in California. Findings... see more

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is a nonpartisan, nationwide, nonprofit organization of public... see more

This report presents an overview of the gender gap in California colleges and universities. Males in every major ethnic... see more

This is a free, open textbook that is part of the Connexions collection at Rice University. Although it is classified as... see more

Increases in school API play a major role in the probability that a student will become UC and CSU eligible. However the... see more

The title of this book is The Process of Research Writing, and in the nutshell, that is what the book is about.  A lot of... see more

The Qualitative Report is an online journal dedicated to qualitative research since 1990.  This site provides links to... see more

The Reading First Implementation Evaluation (2006) presents findings on providing scientifically based reading... see more

An article on the important role of the school leader in student assessments.  

EDUC 553 - Transformational Global Leadership Talent Management Crisis

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics site contains many links to other resources regarding statistics.  Here... see more

Presentation created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for EDUC 554 - Theories of Adult Learning at Texas A&M... see more

TICAL's Resource Database contains over 500 carefully selected and annotated resources to help you find quality... see more

En todo el mundo existen o existieron culturas que marcaron profundamente la historia de hoy en día. Personas con sus... see more

The purpose of this toolkit is to understand what threatens the quality of education in your school so that you can take... see more

The guidelines and the five priority areas identified by Department of Education offer a framework that supports the... see more

There are different ways of combating discrimination and creating a safe and nonthreatening environment at school. An... see more

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a helpful, detailed checklist for SMTs to plan and manage their school... see more