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This site begins with an introduction that explains the evolution of angiosperms as well as the origin of its name and... see more

This amazing animation, developed with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, shows exactly what happens when... see more

Great simulation explaining how malaria is transfered from a mosquito to a human and how it spreads throughout the body,... see more

Basic animation of the processes of the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis. Follows the process and tracks all... see more

In the Light-driven Ion Pumps and Sensors animation, the Halobacterium species is the subject under study. Halobacterium... see more

This video is of an actual cardiac catheterization being performed. It also includes doctor commentary.

LM555 Astable Multivibrator internal simulation  

Using pictures, it shows what chords look like on your computper.

Displays the electric and magnetic fields of a point charge moving at constant velocity in the x direction.

Physlet of an LRC applet. Frequency of the AC source is user-defined.

Physlet demonstrates the current, voltage, and power of a simple LRC circuit.

A collection of various applets to demonstrate some of the work of the Centre for Materials Measurement and Technology,... see more

This experiment is designed to further demonstrate the properties of the ideal gas law. Mirror site:... see more

This animation supplies information on the source for differences in blood pressure such as systolic and diastolic... see more

Hormones influence the growth and develop of organisms such as whether individuals become male or female. Hormones are... see more

This interactive flash movie depicts the meachanism of Wittig reaction.

Great simulation explaining how thyroxine works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with a pro-board or a... see more

Examples of Medical Illustration created by Eric Olson Illustration and Design. They range in style from Patient... see more

The Virtual Cell Animation Collection website provides an animation of meiosis. Gametes are formed through the method of... see more

This site examines the steps involved in meiosis, a process in which a parent cell divides to produce cells with half the... see more

Great simulation explaining how the membrane-bound receptors, G proteins, and calcium channels in the cell membrane work,... see more

This animation demonstrates cache associativity. THe applet has a diagram of a simple cache, with the CPU at the top, the... see more

During this animated video, students will be able to learn about Gregor Mendel’s renowned two-trait breeding experiment... see more

This is a 3'43" YouTube video that explains meiosis, independent assortment and three mechanisms selfish genes can use to... see more